Why Should Sole Traders Outsource Their Bookkeeping?


Although sole traders can work in virtually any sector of the Australian economy today, the one thing that makes them stand out from many businesses in the country is that they rely on the output of a single individual. This can be a very efficient way of running an enterprise, of course, since the entire business operation goes through one person. However, the drawback is that you have to do everything from buying goods to finding new customers. What you can do to help is outsource some key business tasks. This includes hiring an accountancy firm that provides bookkeeping services. Why would doing so be beneficial if you are working as a sole trader?

Free Up Time

To begin with, keeping your books up to date takes time and effort. Many small businesspeople only find time to do this outside of their usual working hours and cram it in in the evening or over the course of a weekend. Instead, you can outsource this work to a bookkeeping services provider and enjoy a better work-life balance or spend more time on growing your enterprise.

Stay On Top of Debt

Many sole traders don't know where they stand financially at any particular moment in time. They could face cash flow problems if their books aren't up to date and even run up a large overdraft. In the worst cases, you could even be making a long-term loss. When you hire an accountant that provides bookkeeping services, both your sales and purchase ledgers will be kept in a better state, so you'll know exactly how much you owe and, likewise, which customers owe money to you.

Prepare Your Tax Return 

Bookkeeping services are not just about the day-to-day tasks of keeping financial records up to date. They also usually include less frequent tasks, such as preparing quarterly management reports and preparing annual tax returns. Don't get caught out when your tax return is due by hiring a professional to get your accounts in order beforehand.

Avoid Accounting Errors

Finally, people who may be great at running a business won't always be so good at numbers. If maths wasn't your thing at school, then a bookkeeper who can keep your accounts ship-shape will be very useful and help you to avoid errors that could put you in a financially difficult situation when they're discovered. Rounding errors are quite common, for example, and they're easier to avoid if you have trained as a bookkeeper or an accountant.  

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27 February 2023

Family Firm: How Accountants Help You Prosper

Good day. I’m Linda and I run two family businesses — building contractor and aged care staff agency. It is quite a feat to juggle schedules and keep track of finances. I have become quite an expert with business management software. I have also learnt the vital importance of having good accountants to give advice and keep bookwork up-to-date. Prior to starting our family businesses, I honestly thought accountants existed to organise tax returns. I now understand that their jobs are much more complex and they can help your business prosper. I started this blog to highlight the numerous ways I’ve found that accountants can contribute to financial success. Please browse through the posts and I hope you find something useful within.